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Информация о доставке

 Please check your SPAM box, after ordering. IF you haven’t received any mail
         Please contact us    INFO@FABRIKASUVENIROV.COM

  We ship to Every country.Contact us as soon as possible.

       Courier guy can deliver in Moscow.

Please contact us as early as possible and give us detailed address,

contact  phone number and time (between A to B hours) 

Someone who speaks Russian will be perfect

If you are traveling to other cities then we can only ship we russian post,

Or any express company you prefer. Keep in mind delivery may take more

than 5 days.

The best is to contact us even before you visit to Moscow .
(not every figure may be in stock the time you arrive to Moscow, we can make it)

快递员只能在莫斯科送, 请提前联系我们,提供联系电话, 时间 (几点到几点),最好

会说俄语的人接电话。其他城市我们用 邮政发 或者看你要求。请注意到货时间可能会超过五天.