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Donald Trump The Pig Mann action figure    Статуэтка «Дональд Трамп» свинья
Статуэтка «Дональд Трамп»

Статуэтка «Ангела Меркель»

  • Производитель: ORIGINAL SOUVENIRS
  • Код товара: IF-86
  • Доступность: На складе
Экономия 1 877 р.
  • 2 450 р.
  • 573 р.

“Every step you take, 

every call you make,

every email you write,

I 'll be watching you”
Iron Frau

Liebe Angie, you have nothing to fear, as long as you have nothing to hide.

You are right; spying among friends is not good, but please don’t be mad at them.

They are tapping your calls, reading your email and facebook, to protect you.


Mutti, you split Europe in to lenders and debtors.  Although you are the most hated women in Greece, you are the most beloved among young male migrants. Oh! I almost forgot the Bankers you bailed, and the Turkish government is thankful for the Jizya billions.


Hey folks something optimistic! Sex slave survivor, Nobel peace price nominee, Nadia Murad, says “Yezidi women are better treated in Germany than in other western countries”

Danke Deutschland


After reading the above, IF you still want to have one of the coolest sexiest Frau Merkel figurines, please don’t hesitate to indulge.

Курьерская доставка по Москве

Доставка по Москве осуществляется службой доставки в рабочие дни, в день заказа или на следующий день с 10 до 20 часов. 

В случае необходимости мы стараемся выполнить Ваш заказ в выходные дни и вечернее время.

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